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  • ISBN: 9781666402094

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    THE STEALING OF EMILY (Hardbound Edition)





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    THE STEALING OF EMILY (FATE OF CHILDREN THROUGH OUR COURT SYSTEM) This is a truly shocking story that deserves to be read and heard. Emily’s mum, her children am myself have been waiting for justice since she died which has not been coming in ten years. Caused by what is now known as the Mathew Alexander “Thorpe’s Lost Children” who was Lord Justice bought to end post [2018] An equal or more to the original Thorpe scandal. Rest in Peace Catherine put to rest in [2011]. I promise I will fight for our child to my demise. This is one mans harrowing story of frustration, determination as he battled for access rights to his young daughter following the death of their mother in East Sussex. Incredibly this journey was in excess of ten years, which countless communications ending in the PHSO. The costs of this are estimated in a million pounds. What should have been a simple dispute somehow resulted in a genuinely good man with true family values being slandered by the family courts who could not even press the start button on the stenograph to record the hearings. Unlike others this has not gone public until now after reading two books on the subject based in 2006 and realising nothing had been updated despite statutory reviews required in law. This is a truly shocking story that deserves to be read and heard.

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    Adult Education


    Martin Newbold

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    This is the first book in the series 'The Stealing of Emily'

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