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  • ISBN: 9781666402520

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    "The Badgers of Bunger Hill" is a children's book that follows the adventures of a family of badgers living on a small hill in Sussex. The family consists of Hunny, the mum; Boris, the dad; their children, Ton, Maleka, Makeba, and Thembi; and their extended family and friends living nearby. The story begins with the arrival of a mysterious orange and white machine with a long arm, which terrifies Ton and sparks curiosity in the family. As they investigate, they encounter Paul, a wily fox who downplays the danger, but the badgers remain cautious. Determined to uncover the truth, Ton, Maleka, and Makeba set out on an adventure, discovering tracks in the mud that lead them to a dark underground cavern. As they navigate the treacherous terrain, the ground begins to shudder, and they witness the appearance of an ancient excavation machine. Thembi, their older brother, joins them in their quest to find answers and protect their home. The badgers face numerous challenges, including a hidden oasis, ancient ruins, and enchanted forests, as they journey deeper into the unknown. They find strength in their bond as a family and their courage to face the dangers ahead. Ultimately, they uncover the truth about the excavation machine and its threat to their woodland home, leading them to take action to safeguard their environment. "The Badgers of Bunger Hill" is a tale of adventure, family, and the importance of protecting nature, filled with engaging characters and thrilling discoveries that captivate young readers.

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    Adult Education


    Martin Newbold

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