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  • ISBN: 9781666402544

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    Woodland Survey Report 2020: for Hastings East Sussex (Woodland Survey Reports Book 1)(Kindle)





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    There has been a great deal of concern expressed in regard to the apparat loss of habitat and woodland across the borough. Many telephone calls into the Hastings Badger Protections Society Ltd have raised concerns as wildlife calls relate to protected species and other wildlife appearing in gardens being persecuted from their original living space. The Council s Financial obligations have meant that it has little chance of writing reports that outline potential problems with the decline of woodland, and this has frequently come to well established groups to pick up the slack since 1983.This report summarizes all woodland in the borough based on a size of more than 2 hectares or over with thing the borough’s boundary of Hastings. It is hoped that this document will stimulate discussion and be used for, establishing the protection of woodland and the wildlife that reside there.

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    Adult Education


    Martin Newbold

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