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  • ISBN: 9781666402551

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    The Stealing of Emily - The Fantasy ('stealth philosophy') that is our Court System (Paper back)





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    There is a hope after reading tis series of books and this second book that you will be in a better position when this happens to your family there is nothing like being in the know in a bad situation. I dedicate this book and all its proceeds such that they are to my daughter Emily. Sometimes you have to wonder what is happening around you and this can seem like traffic lights with start and stop and go on them. Each position along the road collecting a little bit more information from you. However, this book addresses the system as it was when Emily was kidnapped and force to live in a different country under a different religion to that what she was born in Sussex. Emily was not a pawn between her parents but they both loved her dearly. Her father always wanted the best for her naming her after a children’s series Bagpuss in the hope that this would fire her imagination. “Bagpus was a marmalade cat tired and worn but Emily loved him.”

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    Adult Education


    Martin Newbold

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    AVAILABLE 2023 : This is the second book in the series 'The Stealing of Emily'

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