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  • ISBN: 9781666403794

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    Trestle Rat The Story of Al





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    Book three in The Barlow Trilogy. A Christian Family Saga Series. Family is Everything to Alan Ferguson. Leaving the Chiricahua Children's Home was his only option if he had any hope of finding his. At age ten, he set out looking for people who looked like him. Born to an interracial couple, he didn't find many people who did. A nice caucasian couple in the small town of Amory, Mississippi took him in. But his heart yearned deeply for his real family. Two years later, he meets Rob Barlow. He is instantly attached. And an unusual love-at-first sight is formed between them. A bond so strong that he leaves the good people who took him in and the comfort of their beautiful home to be near him; secretly living under a train trestle, hoping Rob wouldn't find out. Later he meets the love of his life, Michelle Peterson and vowed to make her his wife someday. When a tyrant father forbids her to keep company with a 'trussle rat', and sends her far away from him to finish her education; Alan is crushed. But it would take more than a tyrant father to keep them apart. Mic is family now. FAMILY IS EVERYTHING to Al.

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    Adult Education


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