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  • ISBN: 9781666404326

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    The Stealing of Emily - Closed Material Procedures ('secret courts')(paperback)





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    This book builds on the two previous books in the series The Stealing of Emily:  concerning the topic of "Secret Courts" or Closed Material Procedures ("CMP") which children are compromised by and were supported by all government agencies. The Justice and Security Act was given parliamentary approval on 25 April 2023. One of the main justifications for expanding so-called secret courts was to prevent intelligence provided by US sources being exposed in British courts. The legal mechanism is known as closed material procedures ("CMP"). Secret intelligence can be used by the government but will only be seen by the judge and security-cleared "special advocates". What is a Special Advocate it is someone who represents the interest of an individual claimant who cannot reveal precise details of the evidence or case and may only provide a loose summary. Claimants may not then, be aware of all the allegations made against them. This results in parties no longer being on an equal footing, tilting the advantage in the government's favor. It has been thought this had been happening in the background for many years with certain individuals discussing the fate of chidren behind closed doors.

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    Adult Education


    Martin Newbold

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