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  • ISBN: 9781666406245

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    Quiet As it's Kept





  • Description:

    BWWM READ!! PSSST Hey you ...Been waiting on This book have you have you read books 1-5. You Haven't Please I beg do not read this books out of order they build upon one another and I want you to enjoy the ride. Go back start with book 1 and enjoy the ride. Trigger Warning. All Book have a sexual natures some are more graphic than others. Kelly was unprepared for Mona's revelations, which revealed everyone's secrets. She watched in horror as her entire life changed right before her eyes. With the loss of her marriage and the sisterly bond she shared with Sheila, April Mona, and Janna Kelly was out in the cold. Chris was devastated by the news and has no idea how to recuperate, despite his deep love for Kelly. The vision he had for their lives was quickly snuffed out, and there was no way to recover. Chris resorts to the only thing he knows how to do. Become the Bigg brother that he has been running from all his life. Chris learns her secret, he turns the heat up on Kelly. Facing demons and each other, Chris and Kelly go head-to-head until one of them has to give up.

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    Fiction: Romance


    R.K Renton

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