Where is my ISBN barcode order?

How to Get Your ISBN Barcode Emailed To You -- Quickly & Easily :)

Please note: Orders are emailed immediately after placing the order. Our new automated email system is up and running, so your order is getting emailed to you at the speed of internet computing.

If you still didn't get an email and it has been over 30 minutes.

Please understand it's nothing personal. Your order probably went to your Paypal email address. No worries, I will help fix this for you.

Please send a nice email to michael@isbnagency.com with the subject line: Oops! I need to get my ISBN order

I didn't get my order yet

Here is the most common issue:

If it has been longer than 30 minutes, and you still didn't get your order, it's probably because

1) Your Paypal email is old

Most people have more than 1 email address. You might have signed up for Paypal using an email address that is no longer in use.

So how do you get your ISBN barcode order emailed to your current email address?

No problem. Just email michael@isbnagency.com with your Paypal receipt -- including the date and time of purchase

You'll probably also want to update your email address with paypal.

How to update Paypal email address

Can't find barcode image file:

2) You got an email from me but didn't a barcode image file.

Please rest assured... I've got you covered.

My new automated system will allow you to login to your account and download your ISBN barcode files directly from our secure website.

Did your order go thru on Paypal?

3) Another problem which sometimes happens is... the order didn't actually get placed!

Every time you place an order on isbnagency .com, Paypal will email a receipt. So you should be able to check your inbox for a Paypal receipt. You'll want to email this to me so I can see what date/time your order went through. (see solution #1 above)

But, if you don't have a Paypal receipt showing that you have placed an order from me... then there's a 99% change your order didn't go through. You can also confirm this by logging into your paypal account and looking at your purchase history to see if there was a charge to your account under my business name.

If the order didn't go through, then just click the link below and you'll be all set.


Thanks and best of luck with your books!


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