Why Do Authors Write Books Anyway?

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Why Do Authors Feel Compelled To Write?

Musings On Why Authors Write Books And The Need For Creative Expression

Why do authors write books?

Sometimes it's good to check in and remind ourselves why we authors choose to write in the first place.

Of course, everyone has their own reasons for writing a book and I'm probably not saying anything you haven't thought of before...

But there’s something really special about choosing to write a book.

Out of all the options available for investing our time and energy, authors choose to compose thoughts and feelings into a collection of words to be shared with others.


A lost art form

In the past, people spent a lot of time to compose letters to their friends.

With no email and no telephones, this is how friends who didn’t live close together were able to share their innermost thoughts.

So is writing a book similar to composing an intimate, heartfelt letter?

Is being an author the same as being a great friend?



To me, it starts from feeling like there’s something you want to — or need to — share.

Something you just can’t keep to yourself.

It keeps you awake at night.

Others might wonder why you have a notepad on your nightstand.

But it’s almost like you have no choice but to write down your deepest thoughts and feelings.

By putting feelings into words, you’re opening up the door to a very personal form of self-expression...


Because who else would spend so much time crafting words in order to share their deepest thoughts?

That's why writing a book is like sharing a secret with your best friend.


Is Writing Telepathy?

Writers communicate ideas and feelings — without talking.

And the act of reading a book is like reading someone else’s mind.

The author shares their thoughts in the most direct possible way — without speaking, without a sound.

Using words that the author has crafted from a deep place.

And to your readers, it can truly feel like they’re being transported into your unique world.


Sharing Is Caring

As an author, you can show your readers experiences they’ve never experienced before.

For example, you can help readers to develop compassion by understanding another person’s perspective.

You can make them feel like they've stepped away from their own reality and are inhabiting the body of another person for a while.

You can help your readers to understand how a very different person might feel in an important situation.

But that's not all.


Traveling Companions

You can give your readers the gift of travel — to places they’ve never seen. 

Where they can do incredible things, and meet unique special people along the way.

You can guide your readers to create memories from an experience that never truly happened. And never can happen.

Outside of your writing, that is.


Experiences Are Ephemeral

But the memories from your writing are as true as any memory from experience in the real world.

And these memories can live on in your readers' hearts and minds.

So, how does using this special ability affect you as the author?

By writing your words, you can develop your own sense of compassion and discover new parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

So to me, writing a book is like sharing a piece of your soul.


You Are The Ingredients Of Your Book

Authors put their whole heart into their books.

And your book represents everything you’ve cultivated to become the person you are, over an entire lifetime.

It is an act of generosity when you welcome readers into your unique, special world.

Because your readers are the public. They don’t know you. But they will feel like they do.

Your readers might never recognize your face or meet you in person.

But they will know your thoughts and your feelings by the words you wrote.


Receiving Thanks

Authors are a special type of person.

Your book would not exist — if not for the fact that you took the time — and put your heart in.

So I just want to say thank you for being a writer.

You’re a special type of person to share in such a generous way



A writer is like a best friend. Your readers are getting the best parts of you.

It’s important to hear from time to time that your work is valuable.

So I am very happy to give a gentle reminder and hope you continue to write your unique books.

And I hope you have fun doing it.


My wish for writers

My goal is to support writers and help in any way I can.

So I hope you find your ideal self-expression through writing because I believe it makes the world a better place.

To your writing!


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