Is Writing A Book Similar To Another The Best Book Marketing Strategy?

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Best book marketing strategy for writing a book similar to another

Why writing A Book Similar To Another Might Be The Best Book Marketing Strategy?

The Kite Runner, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

Recently a client emailed me with a question about marketing his book, which is similar to ‘The Kite Runner”.

Just in case, the Kite Runner is a bestselling book. It is a tear-jerker about the relationship of a rich boy and his servant's son, amidst political events in the middle east.

You might think that writing a book similar to another is a bad thing. Maybe you think it means the book is derivative.

But from a marketing perspective, it might be good. Because you have a go-to audience.


So writing a book like Harry Potter is a good thing?

Oh no. I'm not saying to go out and write derivative works.

Please don't start writing a book like Harry Potter.

Far better to write something original that shares an audience with the fans of Harry Potter.


What is the difference?

Writing a book similar to another book's audience means you have a go-to audience.

Audiences get hooked on rhythms. It's why music is so popular.

Likewise, audiences get hooked on feelings, ideas, settings... all of these things can be a part of your book without specifically writing a book like Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings / etc.


Go to the audience

Writing a book similar to another shouldn't mean you are taking ideas but rather contributing new ideas to a familiar form.

In this way, you are serving a pre-existing audience.

Which might be an easier strategy than creating an audience entirely from scratch.

The audience is already there, you just need to get your book in front of that audience.

From a marketing perspective, determining what successful book shares an audience with your book can be extremely valuable.


Best Book Marketing Strategy for Similar Books

First things first.

Let’s figure out which book might be similar to yours.

Please ask yourself:

Which successful or bestselling book is similar to your book?

If you purposefully started writing a book like Harry Potter, then you already know this.

If you're stumped, no worries.


Google is your friend

Visit Google .com and type in the subject of your book.

Google will show the top results from your search. Visit a few of the top results to find a book is similar to yours and is also a financial success.

Now you've got some useful insights that can be used to market your book.

Copy the title of the book is similar to yours, and paste into Google for the next step.


The Watering Hole for your audience

Next, it is important to know:

Who is the audience?

More specifically, what are the interests of the people who bought the book that is similar to yours?

Where do they hang out online?

Fortunately, we can get all of this from Google.


Using Google Search

First, enter the name of the similar book into Google's search bar.

Then try adding words like:

facebook group







fan fiction


Using a popular example

If you're writing a book like harry potter

You'd type into Google something like:

Harry Potter facebook group

Harry Potter reddit

Harry Potter quora

Harry Potter meetup

Harry Potter forum

Harry Potter fan fiction



The results are in

Google search results will show you where your target audience is being engaged online.

Now you can visit those websites, learn who the audience is, and get them interested in your book.


Wait... Get them interested?

Don't worry. It's going to be easier than it sounds.

By locating a group of people online -- who are expressing love for a book that is similar to yours -- you're already in the home stretch.

How can you get them interested without turning them off?

Here is a useful strategy, based on treating your audience with kindness and respect.


Good Form vs. Bad Form

It is important to be compassionate when approaching groups online.

Read the posts. Learn what people find interesting.

I would not suggest to barge into a new group and say something like:

Hey people! Buy my book. It's better than "The Kite Runner / Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings"!


Why not? Because respect.

Why is this not the best idea?

Because there's a missed opportunity to show respect and enjoy the benefits of qualifying yourself as a welcome member of the group.


It starts with compassion

This might be a better approach:

It startLook for ways you can help.

Post in the group a few times. Build a reputation for engaging with the group in a positive, respectful way.


Being Helpful

For example, if somebody has asked a question, try to provide a useful answer.

Not in a way that makes you seem superior, but just trying to understand their needs and being kind and helpful.

When you are seen as a generous, respectful person, others are more likely to respond to what you have to say.

After you have provided some real value with your answers, then you can mention you wrote a book they might also be interested in and drop the link.


That's it.

Now you have a useful and effective way to promote your book online and reach your target customers.

Hope this helps!


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